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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Entry #1

When thinking back to the writing activities and exercises I did with my fifth grade students, there are many core principles of writing that I value and believe are important for children as they write.  First I feel that students should not be left to feel their way through a writing activity.  I feel that directions such as format, audience, etc should be clear from the teacher.  I feel that brainstorming as a class is a great way to get ideas flowing.  I believe planning as a class builds students' confidence in their writing.  Students write very differently if they are writing for a journal entry compared towriting for the principal as I found with my fifth grade class.  Although students need to be guided there must be room for them to show their own individuality.  Whether it be their own opinion or the viewpoint they would like to write from.  In order for the students to feel confident, I believe students must also have adequate time to complete their written pieces.  This can be time in class as well as adequate time to complete the assignment out of school.  Conferencing is a core principle that I value strongly.  I feel that students should get adequate encouragement from their teacher on their written work.  


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  1. Hi Jennifer. I love the design of this blog. It is so cool/chic.

    I know this first entry was rushed, in the future you will have more time to fully develop your thoughts. I was impressed though at the number of issues your identified in this single paragraph.

    In your future entries, I would certainly encourage you to take time to further explore the intricacies of a topic before moving on to a new one. For example, before moving on to talk about conferencing, allow yourself more time to delve into the details of how you give your students adequate time "In order for the students to feel confident." When thinking about your fifth grades, how were you most successful at this? Was there anything you would have liked to do differently?